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Connect with active traders via this interactive digital marketplace

Streamline your wholesale buying and selling to save time and improve performance


Discover a new way for you to connect with other traders, and buy or sell cars quickly and easily

Leasing, Fleet or Rental Companies 

Digitise your remarketing process to increase your speed of sale and reduce selling costs

Private Individuals & Small Businesses

Sell your car quickly and easily with MOTOM Personal

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MOTOM is a fresh technology business with big ambitions to drive change in the wholesale remarketing sector of the UK automotive industry.

Built by a seasoned management team, the goal is to deliver a robust digital platform, that’s interactive, engaging and intuitive to use.

The automotive industry will continue to keep moving toward digital solutions. MOTOM expands the digital focus to automotive wholesaling, supporting the changing market environment for vehicle remarketing.

MOTOM products are set to transform the automotive industry and will change the way we do business for the better.


Connect and trade vehicles with hundreds of dealerships seamlessly, in real time, through the mobile phone app or our desktop Control Centre


Use our digital framework that facilitates instant re-marketing of vehicles to your network of contacts, while unlocking an expanded network of traders


Trade vehicles in a fraction of the time compared to traditional routes. With MOTOM, the buying and selling process is quick and easy

Start trading today

Get access to the MOTOM marketplace and start buying or selling used vehicles. 

Simply download the app using the link below. You will register via the app and can get started right away.

For multi-site dealers, or those with multiple team members that you want to connect to the same organisation, we also provide a business account. To set up a business account, register your account via the Control Centre and also download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
The competition for good quality used cars is fierce, and it can often take a lot of time and effort to find what you're looking for.

MOTOM provides a new way for you to connect with other traders, to buy cars quickly and easily. Our app provides a convenient online marketplace for used vehicles, making it easy for you to source stock to meet the needs of your customers and increase sales.
Find out how you can save
For wholesale traders of used vehicles, such as leasing or rental companies, optimising sales proceeds is vital. By digitising your remarketing process, you can increase your speed of sale and also reduce selling costs.

MOTOM is an online marketplace, connecting trade buyers and sellers. You can reach buyers quickly and efficiently through our online platform. Working via a mobile app and browser-based dashboard, you have complete control over the transparent transaction process.
Discover the benefits of digital
MOTOM Personal is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to sell their car quickly and easily.

We know that selling a car can be a hassle. That's why we've made it as simple as possible for you. Just list your car on our app and let 100's of dealers bid for it. You won't have to deal with any phone calls or home visits.

You'll be able to choose from a range of dealers who want to buy your car, so you can get the best price possible. Plus, there's no obligation to accept any of the bids. It's entirely up to you!
Discover the benefits of digital

Start Trading Today

Get access to the MOTOM marketplace and start buying or selling used vehicles. 

Simply download the app using the link below. You will register for an account and can get started right away.
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