Enhance Your Control Over Used Vehicle Sales

Help your retailers with this simple and transparent platform for purchasing used vehicles

Keep used vehicles in the brand family
You stay in control of the process
No investment in technology needed
We have further developed our core software to launch MOTOM Own Platform. This is a digital platform that helps OEMs efficiently funnel quality pre-owned inventory back into their franchised retailer network. The platform provides competitive bidding between retailers to ensure vehicles are sold at true market price. It is an independent, quick to deploy, and customer-friendly system. 

You won't need to make any investment in technology, and you can strengthen brand loyalty and control of the used market.  Get started today!

Independent tech solution

As an OEM, you can access the transparent electronic trading platform and use it in a way that suits your brand. It's an impartial platform with fair bidding.

Free to use

There's no investment required, and you can get started quickly.

Enhanced loyalty

Give owners an easy trade-in experience and keep vehicles within your franchised dealers.

Simple for customers

The platform is designed to be easy for customers to use, with a streamlined vehicle upload process.

How it works

MOTOM’s core platform now comes with a satellite, own-brand application

get set up

Work with us to configure the platform for your brand, including branding, retailers, and parameters. We'll guide you through launch

Promote to customers

Promote the platform through your website, emails, and retailers


As customers list vehicles for sale, your retailers can view listings and detailed information


Interested retailers bid for the vehicle via the platform's competitive auction


Post-auction, the details are exchanged between the retailer and the seller. Once an agreement is reached, the vehicle is listed as sold. 

Comprehensive reporting is available via the Control Centre.

Launch Your Own Branded Platform

It's simple to get started with the MOTOM app - and there's no commitment, subscription, or cost to build the platform


Let us know how to contact you - and the best time - using the form below


We'll arrange an on-boarding session where you can choose how to configure your branded platform


Begin promoting your platform to open up a highly efficient trading channel for your retailers

Yes, I'd like to discuss a branded platform - please contact me

Simply fill out your contact details in the form below. One of our team will contact you at the time you request to help you get started.

There's no obligation or contract and we'll be happy to talk to you about the platform in more detail if you have any questions or would like to see a demo.
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Start Trading Today

Get access to the MOTOM marketplace and start buying or selling used vehicles. 

Simply download the app using the link below. You will register for an account and can get started right away.
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