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03 October 2022

Opteven Partners with MOTOM to Support Vehicle Stock Crisis Amongst Dealers

Opteven UK has partnered with MOTOM, an innovative wholesale vehicle remarketing platform, to provide dealers with greater access to stock and digital support, as stock issues continue to blight independent dealers.

Advancing its ambitious drive to grow its business and as part of its digital transformation strategy, the collaboration with MOTOM provides Opteven and WMS Group dealers with greater access to used vehicle stock via an easy-to-use online trading platform. It also bolsters Opteven’s commitment to supporting its dealers in moving towards a more digital economy – remaining competitive with larger, digital-savvy dealer groups.

opteven partners with MOTOM

This timely alliance comes at a time when a number of independent dealers nationwide are being forced to close due to issues with obtaining the stock that consumers want to buy – especially as car supermarkets dominate the market.

MOTOM enables dealers and wholesalers to secure purchase commitments from one another in a live and competitive environment. Fleet operators, finance companies and consumers can also offer vehicles to the wholesale market to achieve the best current price and be assured of a seamless, transparent and measurable process.

The partnership with Opteven will see the leading vehicle aftersales company offer MOTOM as a stock solution to its dealers, allowing them access to more stock streams, as well as reaching active buyers (other dealers/traders) instantly with no selling fees or subscription fees.

Through Opteven, vehicles purchased on MOTOM and then sold with a WMS warranty product will see a further discount given.

Neil Monks, Sales & Customer Services Director, said:

“We aim to be the partner of choice for all UK car dealers by offering differentiated and quality products with greater expertise, flexibility and convenience than other providers. Our role is to introduce our dealers to MOTOM so that they can take advantage of the financial benefits for themselves. It’s convenient, innovative and adds real value to their business, so we’re excited to be announcing our partnership and helping dealers grow their business at a time when both the economy and the used car market are not being kind to dealers. The savings in time alone will be
hugely helpful.”

MOTOM brings a low-cost digital platform to the sector that promises to ‘reimagine how motor vehicles are wholesaled’ and speed up the buying and selling process from hours to minutes.

Julian Humphreys, CEO of MOTOM, adds:

“MOTOM is an independent business, which is starting to see its community of users grow and it’s with the support from vendors like Opteven that will help the platform to be a real success in the digital wholesaling of cars and light commercial vehicles.”

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