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21 March 2023

Remarketing Reimagined

MOTOM is an independent technology business with ambitions to challenge and drive fundamental change across the wholesale used car sector of the UK automotive industry.


Use the MOTOM digital framework to facilitate instant re-marketing of vehicles to your network of contacts, while unlocking an expanded network of traders.

Uniquely supported by 12 seasoned used car experts who served as pre-launch advisors, MOTOM was unveiled at the end of 2022. The B2B used car trading app, and its desktop sibling, delivers a robust digital platform that’s interactive, engaging, and intuitive to use. And as the market anticipates a cooling in values, MOTOM’s low-cost proposition complements users’ appetite to drive down their total cost of defleet and/or acquisition.

The MOTOM management team is underpinned with over 100 years of experience across the automotive finance, mobility, fleet and asset management sectors and includes two regarded personalities from the fleet and leasing industry. CEO, Julian Humphreys, brings Board-level experience from his time with Interleasing, General Motors, and Maxxia Group whilst CCO, Mel Goodliffe, held senior roles with CitiCapital Fleet, Thrifty and Flexxilease.


Trade vehicles in a fraction of the time compared to traditional routes. With MOTOM, the buying and selling process is quick and easy.

Julian Humphreys, outlining the objectives of MOTOM said “The key output from our panel of experts was clear in that potential users were looking for a low-cost trading platform that’s not only easy to use but allows them to make buying and selling commitments in minutes rather than hours. We also found that many wanted additional tools and big data to help their businesses better compete with the wave of supposed disruption in the sector and be assured they are dealing with an independent business that truly understands the dynamics of the market.”

Mel Goodliffe added “The next 12 months will accelerate unprecedented change in the sector with macro-economic influences such as recession and an increased focus on stock management. On a local level, the MOTOM telephone support team, speaking with users, are garnering wide-ranging feedback that includes EV transition and values, ULEZ ‘victim vehicles’, rising APRs and consumer confidence alongside the future of disruptors, agency models and the rising cost of defleet and acquisition.”


Connect and trade vehicles with hundreds of dealerships seamlessly, in real time, through the MOTOM app or our desktop Control Centre.


Whilst launching towards the end of another buoyant year for the used car sector MOTOM has still grown its community to over 500 carefully vetted users and Julian Humphreys believes a lot of the sign-ups are driven, not surprisingly, by “the ease of search for appropriate stock and a growing sensitivity to the increasing costs of acquisition”. Humphreys added “We believe our technology, together with big data, can help and deliver enhanced market intelligence and profitability in used car wholesaling and further protect the space from the many disruptors and other challenges that continue to impact the sector.”

So, as we navigate the early weeks of 2023 what are Humphreys thoughts on the months ahead “MOTOM’s simple deliverable and low-cost proposition has attracted some fantastic feedback from buyers and sellers. Additionally, we have engaged with traditional wholesale ‘competitors’ such as auction houses and car supermarkets, acknowledging the growth of phygital, and franchise dealer groups of all sizes and DMS businesses recognising MOTOM as a meaningful string to their strategic remarketing bow.”


Get access to the MOTOM marketplace and start buying or selling used vehicles.

Simply download the app using the links below. You will register via the app and can get started right away.

For multi-site dealers, or those with multiple team members that you want to connect to the same organisation, we also provide a business account. To set up a business account, register your account via the Control Centre and also download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

The MOTOM app is available at the App Store or Google Play.

Help on how to use the app is available in sub-2 minutes tutorials.

Start Trading Today

Get access to the MOTOM marketplace and start buying or selling used vehicles. 

Simply download the app using the link below. You will register for an account and can get started right away.
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